Event Info 活動詳情


  1. 請填妥報名表格(家庭或組別可用同一份報名表)及豁免賠償聲明(每參加者均需簽署)
  2. 將表格及報名費(每位$20)交回中信中心(未滿六歲小童免收報名費)
  3. 報名後,參加者即獲發贊助表格,開始為步行籌款
  4. 所有贊助表格及籌得款項請最遲於6月15日交回中信中心
  5. 如要申請成立組別,請向中信中心 KENT/VENITA 查詢。
  6. 成立新組別時,要先選定組長,註冊後將會獲發組別編號。
  7. 每組可自行尋找組員,人數不限,但注意只有參加本屆步行籌款人士才有資格成為組員。

步行路線  (4.4公里)


集合地點: Riverfront Park 2750 Kent Ave S, Vancouver
集合時間: 上午9:00


  1. 請穿著加拿大中信40週年T恤,以資識別;也請穿著合適的運動鞋
  2. 每位參加者將獲瓶裝水一瓶(請自備額外飲料),步行完畢後有簡單午膳供應
  3. 請自備椅子或地蓆,以便在公園內野餐


  1. Fill out this registration form (family/group may use same form) and waiver release (individually signed)
  2. Submit form and fees ($20 per person) to CCM Centre (fee waived for children under age 6)
  3. Donation form(s) will be given to participants upon registration, then fundraising shall begin
  4. All donation forms and funds shall be submitted to CCM Centre no later than June 15, 2019
  5. If you want to form a group, please ask KENT/VENITA at CCM Center.
  6. When setting up a new group, you need to choose a group leader. After group registration, you will be given a group number.
  7. You can choose your group members, no limit in the number of people in a group. Only people registered with walkathon can join a group

Walking Route (4.4km)

Please download the registration form.

Place: Riverfront Park 2750 Kent Ave S, Vancouver
Time: 9:00 am


  1. Please wear theCCM Canada 40th Anniversary T-shirt for easy identification. Also please wear appropriate outdoor footwear.
  2. One bottled water will be given to each participant (bring your own beverages if preferred). Light lunch will also be provided after walkathon.
  3. Please bring lawn chair or mat for picnic in the park.