Melissa Tsang

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4 days ago | 4日前


I scooter ride 21 km to fundraise for our communications team. 

The communications team is like the storyteller of CCM. We serve all the ministry teams in CCM with our very limited budget and resources. When the pandemic hits, many of the CCM Ministries are forced to discover new ways to engage and connect with their clients/volunteers/participants. In this new normal, we need more resources to help our ministries reach more people, especially the people in need. Please support our communications team so we can continue to help deliver encouragement, inspiration, and hope to others through different media. 

Your generous support is much appreciated. 

Thank you 

Please click on the following link to see my progress!

3rd Ride - 6.6 KM Yale Town to English Bay

2nd Ride - Burke Mountain and Lafarge Lake 15 KM

1st Ride - Burke Mountain 5.5 KM

Total: 25.1 KM 

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Donation Total: $30.00


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Sponsors List 贊助名單
Date 日期Name 名字Donation Amount 捐款額Message 留言
2021-07-23 12:48:00 Anonymous $50.00
2021-07-22 11:54:35 Peter Hu $200.00 Good job (;
2021-07-21 15:46:31 Anonymous $100.00
2021-07-20 23:10:57 Anonymous $50.00
2021-07-20 21:59:39 Lisa Wong $30.00
2021-07-20 15:12:52 Marina Tsang $200.00 Well done! Proud of you!
2021-07-20 13:11:53 Anonymous $50.00
2021-07-20 09:49:38 Milly Chiang $100.00 Good job Melissa! May God bless inthis ministry. 🙏🏼
2021-07-19 20:38:09 Alan Poon $100.00
2021-07-19 17:41:48 Anonymous $200.00
2021-07-14 11:26:08 Victor Sung $30.00